Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Merlin the Magician

 Merlin the Magician stopped by to entertain us with some magical storytelling!  

The kids listened to Merlin tell exciting stories
about pirates, caterpillars, and space. 
He was very silly! The kids loved volunteering
to go up on stage and help out with the tricks. 

"Reynaldo the flea" is holding up one side of the rope. How does he do that?!

Will the right pirate flag come out of the bag?

The pre-k class, listening to Merlin the Magician telling a wild tale!

A volunteer from the pre-k class helps Merlin with a trick during his story about a trip to space.

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to Endeavor Learning Center? 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heritage Village School Program

The students at Endeavor really enjoyed a visit from Heritage Village! They were able to experience what a day was like in the life of their 19th century counterparts. A time when children really had to work. 

Everyone also got a chance to practice sewing with a large plastic needle and comb out sheep's wool.  But we got to play with some of the toys and games from the 19th century and that was pretty fun!

It was also fun dressing up in some of the kinds of clothes that they used to wear back then.  

It was very hard to carry the water buckets.

The buckets were heavy and they didn't even have any water in them!