Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eye Droppers and Food Coloring Craft

Watch us make designs with eye droppers and food coloring!

First we are placing droplets of food coloring all over a piece of wax paper.

He is grouping his colors.

He placed three yellow drops in a row and then placed three 
more below the first three.

He liked the color blue then added some yellow and red to his design. 

He is using two hands to squeeze the food coloring out of
the eye dropper.

He is randomly placing drops all over the wax paper.

When they were finished with the food coloring they placed 
a piece of paper on top of the wax paper and pressed down.

Moving their fingers all over the paper.

After pressing the paper on the wax paper they lifted up their project 
to discover how their creation turned out. 

And here they are!!!