Wednesday, July 17, 2013

summer fun


The children made racing lanes out of carboard blocks.  They even used a block to put behind one foot for a starting block.

"On your mark, get ready, set go"

Using blocks, PVC pipes, cardboard tubes, sample fabric pieces.  The boys constructed a road for their cars.

Finished road. Now take our picture please. :)

Using bells and ribbon streamers the girls were moving to the beat of the music playing on the radio.

 We placed ping pong balls in paint and then blew through the straws to move the them across the paper.

At times two balls collided into each other.

Some of us even got more paint on our hands then on the ping pong balls.

The finished product.
Must say a very creative piece of art work,

She drew a picture of her friends and even wrote their names on the chalk board.
Very proud young lady.