Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Working Outside

Here is one of our students working outside.

We talked about our favorite outdoor activities

We spent time with the preschool class too!

Finally a day outside!

On our way to play.

We decided to dig up worms and dirt for our praying mantis habitat.

Ring toss!

Ms. Elizabeth worked on temperature and thermometers one-on-one outside!

 Studying weather, maps, and the continents. These three are planning their trip!

We used our own wind power to mix different colors of paint together.

These two are planning to take a highway to the park.

A student created a very intricate structure! 

This was one of our most challenging puzzles because it has six puzzles in one!

Here a student is using a transparent container on the light table to paint with sand! We used new vocabulary like opaque and transparent to learn and describe light.

This class loves to play games together. Here the students are trying to grow their trees on their way to the finish line.

Here is another student painting with sand at the light table. All of us took interest to the way light works all around us.

We also used the light table to trace. By placing a stencil not on top of, but underneath the paper.

The class frequents the library. Reading together and sharing what we are seeing and reading is something everyone likes to do.

Sometimes you just have to dance it out, even when you are working! We were listening to Alvin and the Chipmonks.

Here a student is mixing colors. Primary to get secondary, and all of them to see what happens.

Here we painted a type of light that we use.

The writing center seems to have a never ending wait. Everyone loves to write to one another.