Monday, June 17, 2013

First Week of Summer Camp: Gardening

We first made flowers out of colored Popsicle sticks.

The kids are observing some bugs crawling in the grass.

They are making a big ant hill. They used a big stick to make a hole in the ground,
then piled some dirt on top.

We planted some Gerber daisies. The kids learned how deep
to make the hole and how to fill in the spaces around the plant
before watering the flowers.

Drawing a flower still life.

Spray Paint!

Paining with bugs!

Button collages. This boy is making a sign for the garden
with his buttons.

Playing in the large pipe that was donated to us while were
collecting loose parts. Eventually the kids will decide
where to place the pipe in the playground and help
install it. Can't wait!!

Cincinnati Nature Center Field Trip

Summer Campers first field trip to the Cincinnati Nature Center.
We all had a great time climbing, splashing in the creek and looking for tadpoles, frogs and turtles.
We even saw chipmunks, squirrels and a variety of birds.
Getting ready to eat our delious lunches

Climbing the big spider web made out of rope.
Looking for tadpoles and trying to scoop them up in our hands.
 Crossing the creek on a log.
Climbing on the fort made out of stumbs and branches.
We even had a frog jump on one of the children's back while she was climbing on the fort.
The children got alot of good ideas on what they wanted to build on our playground while we were there.  Some wrote their ideas down and others drew pictures of what they wanted to build.